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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Binge Drinking: A Celebration

The noble art of binge drinking has been getting something of a bad press lately.

If you were to believe everything you read, you might be forgiven for thinking that finding oneself properly toasted once in a while was not in any way fun, glamorous or exciting.

In reality of course, a "TEEN VODKA EPIDEMIC" with "thousands of middle class girls drinking themselves senseless" sounds nothing short of absolutely brilliant. The only cause for concern is that I haven't yet been invited.

So, this picture is a celebration and a salute. To lust, and life, and liquor. And to the fact that Greggs the Bakers is now open until 4am.

Merry Christmas.
And please, drink irresponsibly.


  1. great stuff dan, that looks like a book I'd read! I thought this blog had been abandoned! Good to see some new art from you, although I'm going to pretend I didn't see what's in that handbag...

  2. No, not abandoned - just been very busy and slow! I decided to draw this without any photo ref for the figures in an effort to learn anatomy, so it took a hell of a lot longer than it would have done otherwise!

  3. Not quite :) You're forgetting of course all the time spent researching this complex subject (the drinking, not the anatomy)

  4. Pretty nice, but the gross parts kinda ruin it for me. But then, I never liked jokes about our precious bodily fluids.

  5. I'm just the messenger, buddy - this is gritty social realism as I'm sure you'll appreciate!

  6. A late night Greggs? Awesome

  7. Indeed, nothing like a cheese and onion pasty to end a night out in style!